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Sustainable business growth of micro-enterprises


Micro-Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence MicroENTRE at the University of Oulu is looking for partners to create a network of digital platforms to support sustainable business growth of micro-enterprises.

Our aim is to create the EU’s leading digital platform network supporting sustainable business growth of micro-enterprises. The platform builds a path to the EU’s Digital Single Market.

This is necessary because…

Globally changing working life creates new forms of solo- and micro-entrepreneurship (~94 % of the companies) that are currently poorly studied and understood.


Micro-enterprises form a heterogenic group with varying needs for support, digitalization and business partners.


Due to a lack of resources and competence gaps, only few micro-enterprises reach sustainable growth without new digitalized solutions.

Suggested solution

First, creating a network of digital platforms that supports sustainable business development and growth in micro-enterprises.


Second, the platform offers digital solutions to support micro-entrepreneurs in the daily decision-making, operation and cross-border partnership.


Third, the platform offers virtual reality collaboration between micro-entrepreneurs all over EU.


And finally, it will provide evidence-based knowledge for decisionmakers.

Are you ready to join us to create a new EU-level path of digitalization? We’re looking for

Universities and research institutes working with: AI, ML, VR, business models…


Business Parks, Digital Innovation Hubs and Innovation Ecosystems providers


Digital service providers: VR, big data, business analytics…


Micro-enterprises (as end-users) and entrepreneur organizations


Industry partners who look for micro-enterprises as partners.

Who are we?

Micro-Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence MicroENTRE is a research unit at the University of Oulu, Finland. We are an internationally recognized expert and partner in the micro-entrepreneurship. MicroENTRE supports northern regions in creating evidence-based platforms for micro-enterprise growth. Our drives is new innovations and fast experiments to support the operational excellence of micro-enterprises. Our research co-operation covers about 50 international partners.


Research Director Anna-Mari Simunaniemi
anna-mari.simunaniemi@oulu.fi, +358 50 466 2832
Post-doctoral Researcher Kai Hänninen
kai.hanninen@oulu.fi, +358 40 574 7951

More information:
Main site of MicroENTRE (in Finnish only)
University of Oulu main site